European association involved in the research and care of children with neuroblastoma - SIOPEN


The SIOPEN AGM took place in Jerusalem from October the 9th to the 11th 2018. Thanks to the great organization managed by Shifra Ash and Isaac Yaniv and their team, we had a very pleasant and fruitful meeting in a wonderful place and in a town filled with history.


This was the opportunity to thank Isaac Yaniv for his major input in the SIOPEN during the warm and very pleasant dinner gala .

SIOPEN is growing up after Germany and the Netherlands becoming participating countries last year , Croatia and Lithuania joined SIOPEN this year. We are now XXXX participating countries.

It is thus , more than ever , very important to circulate information from and to the different countries and between the speciality committees . The SIOPEN executive committee had two strategic meetings in Annecy and in Jerusalem. We defined the speciality committee organization modalities. Angelika Eggert was nominated to link with speciality chairs and organize a feed back to the executive committee twice a year. In addition it will be requested that a short summary could be provided after each meeting to be shared on the SIOPEN website. On going trials as well as new ones will be closely followed to help to have a standardized process and help to speed up the opening of the studies, Juliet Gray will be in charge of this task. She will be also in charge of the publication, publication rules , follow up of projects to help them to be published.

The “other countries representatives “ will be in charge of the link with 4 to five other countries to help the participation of these countries in the different SIOPEN activities , the repartition will be done during the next executive committee meeting.

During the AGM , we thanked Julia Balaguer , Tom Boterberg and Godfrey Chan for their input in the executive committee and welcome Adela Canete, Lieve Tajgalt vérifier l'orthographe and Shifra As has new members of the executive committee. In addition we had the pleasure to identify Maja Beck Popovic as president elect.
Everyone is very much involved to ensure that SIOPEN is active, friendly with a fruitful collaboration.


Dominique Valteau-Couanet
SIOPEN President