Vice chair:



Jackie Challis (Australia), Michael Sullivan (Australia), Howard Slater (Australia), Sabine Taschner-Mandl (Austria), Peter Ambros (Austria), Inge Ambros (Austria), Stefan Fiedler (Austria), Marion Zavadil (Austria), Marie Bernkopf (Austria), Fikret Rifatbegovic (Austria), Nadine Vanroy (Belgium), Franki Speleman (Belgium), Katleen De Preter (Belgium), Joke Vandesompele (Belgium), Ales Vicha (Czech Republic), Maria Rossing (Denmark), Olga Oestrup (Denmark), Anne Juvonen (Finland), Tarja Salonen (Finland), Veli Kairisto (Finland), Nathalie Auger (France), Valerie Combaret (France), Alexander Valent (France), Isabelle Janoueix (France), Olivier Delattre (France), Gaelle Pierron (France), Eve Lapouble (France), Angelika Eggert (Germany), Frank Westermann (Germany), Matthias Fischer (Germany), Thorsten Simon (Germany), Karin Schmelz (Germany), Johannes Schulte (Germany), Falk Hertwig (Germany), Christian Beltinger (Germany), Steffen Fuchs (Germany), Hedwig Deubzer (Germany), Godfrey Chi-fung Chan (Hong Kong), Koon Wing Chan (Hong Kong), David Betts (Ireland), Marta Jeison (Israel), Yehudit Birger (Israel), Michal Hameiri-Grossman (Israel), Katia Mazzocco (Italy), Raffaella Defferrari (Italy), Vaidas Dirse (Italy), Mirco Ponzoni (Italy), Martina Morini (Italy), Mario Capasso (Italy), Castriconi Roberta (Italy), Tytgat Lieve (Netherlands), Jan Molenaar (Netherlands), Jan Koster (Netherlands), Michael Sullivan (New Zealand), Sarah Hunter (New Zealand), Klaus Beiske (Norway), Katarzyna Szewczyk (Poland), Barbara Marques (Portugal), Sanja Aveic (Serbia), Jaime Fontdemora (Spain), Ana Berbegall (Spain), Rosa Noguera (Spain), Tommy Martinsson (Sweden), Jacqueline Schoumans (Switzerland), Annick Muhlethaler (Switzerland), Angharad Humphreys (UK), Nick Bown (UK), Deborah Tweddle (UK), Sally George (UK), Louis Chesler (UK).


Specific deliverable objective(s) for next 1 year

  • Molecular diagnosis : standardisation of ALK molecular diagnosis in all SIOPEN ; Biology reference laboratories ; Round robin quality control and publication of results
  • Biology Cohort Studies: genetic alterations in LINES G8 , L2 >18m, no MNA


Objectives for next 5 years

  • SIOPEN Biology reference laboratories : molecular diagnosis in NB

- MYCN in all neuroblastic tumours

- Copy number profile (aCGH or SNParray or lcWGS) when clinically decision making according to our protocols - LINES, HR2 (12-18 months, no MNA), including central review, within 6 weeks

- Mutational/amplification status of ALK

- Other analyses  : according to different national organizations

- Contribution to molecular characterization / precision medicine programs (MAPPYACTS -> France Medecine Génomique; INFORM2, etc)


  • Ongoing and planned retrospective collaborative Biology cohort studies

- LINES, in particular L2 >18m, no MNA (G8): extended biological analysis (D Tweddle); including a transatlantic collaboration

- HR NBL01 : SIOPEN HR patients 12-18 months (S Fiedler), SIOPEN HR ALK project (A Bellini), SIOPEN HR NGS panel study, Combined genomic and MRD-markers (I Ambros, P Ambros), SIOPEN HR copy number study (S. Taschner-Mandl)


  • Translational and fundamental research questions

- ALT/ ATRX/ TERT : telomere maintenance

- Spatial and temporal heterogeneity, including studies of tumor samples and sequential liquid bopsies

- Cell plasticity and cellular identity

- Microenvironment

- Pharmacogenetics


  • Development of closer interactions between the SIOPEN (tumor) biology and other committees (liquid biopsy and circulating biomarkers; immunology, new drugs)


  • Specific structuration of the “liquid biopsy” activities to develop new tools and address new questions (within a new committee, to be defined; discussions ongoing)


Selected outputs

Exosomal microRNAs from Longitudinal Liquid Biopsies for the Prediction of Response to Induction Chemotherapy in High-Risk Neuroblastoma Patients: A Proof of Concept SIOPEN Study. Morini M, Cangelosi D, Segalerba D, Marimpietri D, Raggi F, Castellano A, Fruci D, de Mora JF, Cañete A, Yáñez Y, Viprey V, Corrias MV, Carlini B, Pezzolo A, Schleiermacher G, Mazzocco K, Ladenstein R, Sementa AR, Conte M, Garaventa A, Burchill S, Luksch R, Bosco MC, Eva A, Varesio L. Cancers (Basel). 2019 Sep 30;11(10):1476.


Age Dependency of the Prognostic Impact of Tumor Genomics in Localized Resectable MYCN-Nonamplified Neuroblastomas. Report From the SIOPEN Biology Group on the LNESG Trials and a COG Validation Group. Ambros IM, Tonini GP, Pötschger U, Gross N, Mosseri V, Beiske K, Berbegall AP, Bénard J, Bown N, Caron H, Combaret V, Couturier J, Defferrari R, Delattre O, Jeison M, Kogner P, Lunec J, Marques B, Martinsson T, Mazzocco K, Noguera R, Schleiermacher G, Valent A, Van Roy N, Villamon E, Janousek D, Pribill I, Glogova E, Attiyeh EF, Hogarty MD, Monclair TF, Holmes K, Valteau-Couanet D, Castel V, Tweddle DA, Park JR, Cohn S, Ladenstein R, Beck-Popovic M, De Bernardi B, Michon J, Pearson ADJ, Ambros PF. J Clin Oncol. 2020