Neuroblastoma Australia charity has three main objectives:

- To raise awareness of neuroblastoma childhood cancer and increase the understanding and the need to support research in this area
- To raise vital funds for research into the development of better, safer treatments for children diagnosed with neuroblastoma now and in the future
- To provide information and support to those affected by neuroblastoma.

Contact:, Phone 0406 991 606, Link to website


In Belgium, all associations that are active in the field of children’s cancer joined together under Their website gives an overview of all charities active in the following missions: organisation of recreational activities for children with cancer and their relatives; improving the living environment of children with cancer; financial, psychological, material or logistical support for children with cancer and their relatives and support for scientific research in the field of paediatric cancers.

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The National Cancer Institute (INCa) is the state's health and scientific cancer agency responsible for coordinating cancer control actions. The INCa aims to play a role of accelerator of progress, by providing an integrated vision of all the health, scientific, social and economic dimensions linked to cancers and their various fields of intervention (prevention, screening, care, research). They serve sick people, their loved ones, users of the health system, the general population, health professionals, researchers and decision-makers.

The INCa provides financial, methodological and logistical support for clinical studies organized in hospitals including neuroblastoma research.

Contact: Phone +33 (0)1 41 10 50 00, Link to the website

The Hubert Gouin - Childhood & Cancer association was created when Hubert, a 4-year old boy affected by neuroblastoma, disappeared in May 2004. It is bi-national association: French and Swiss, who supports projects on both sides of the border as well as European projects.

Contact:, Phone +33 (0)6 09 61 83 97, Link to the website

The Children and Health Federation finances research projects on childhood and adolescent cancers, particularly clinical and biological research projects as well as therapeutic trials, especially in second line treatments (after relapse). They are giving to the 47 pediatric cancer centers in France the same means to heal more and more children and to heal better, that is to say with the least possible late effects.

Contact:, Phone 08 00 60 05 08, Link to the website



The association Imagine for Margo– Children without Cancer was created in 2011 after Margo a 14-year old girl passed away on June 7, 2010 from an aggressive brain tumor. During her illness, she gathered 103,000 euros that were given to Gustave Roussy Institute for research on her cancer. The association continues Margo’s initiative by leading advocacy and fundraising to accelerate research in order to better understand and cure childhood cancer.

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Founded in September 2006 following the death of Martin, who suffered from a brain tumor, the association “l’étoile de Martin” is essentially made up of highly invested volunteers. It federates and welcomes families affected by the illness of a child, but also anyone aware of this cause and wishing to work alongside them. Their mission is to support research on pediatric cancers by participating in the funding of programs and the offer moments of well-being to the affected children by participating in the funding of specific actions (visual arts, music, magic, dance, etc).

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Floga ("Flame") is a Pan Hellenic parents association of children with cancer. They missions are to pursue the interests and rights of children with cancer, to improve treatment and care conditions by providing material, financial, psychological and social support. In this context they liaise with the medical community, the state authorities and other bodies and organizations directly or indirectly involved in areas related to childhood cancer.

Contact:, Phone 210 7485000, Link to the website




Hayim (“Life”) Association was established in 1984 by parents of children with cancer in order to ease treatment, assist families, and raise funds. In addition, the association provides social supporters for the children and their families in the pediatric oncological centers throughout Israel. Hayim Association is responsible for establishing new oncological pediatric centers, purchasing lifesaving medical equipment, and groundbreaking medical research.

Contact:, Phone 972-3-6120494, Link to the website




Villa Joep started as a promise to the then four-year-old Joep. Before his death, his parents promised to do everything in their power to enable neuroblastoma to be cured. That promise from 2003 has grown into a professional organization that collects money to accelerate international research in neuroblastoma and increase the chance of a cure.

Contact:, Phone 070 750 74 88, Link to the website



The Barnekreftforeningen is a voluntary, nationwide organization runed by parents who have or have had children with cancer. They are a support partner and source of information for families affected by child cancer. They contribute to research and education to fight childhood cancer.

Contact:, Phone 91902099, Link to the webstite




Zoé4life was founded in June 2013 by friends and family members of Zoé, a little girl diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Zoé4life provides support for families whose children suffer from cancer and for the children under treatment. They also aim to accelerate the implementation of innovative treatment protocols in pediatric oncology, so that all children have a chance to recover and to raise public awareness of childhood cancer and treatment-related issues.

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FORCE Foundation for Research on Childhood Cancer was founded in May 14, 1992. Its purpose is to encourage and support research of childhood cancer and to participate in the training and development of researchers in this field, in order that children can benefit from the progress of cutting-edge research.

Contact:, Phone +41 21 691 05 95, Link to the website

Fond’Action has its origin in the desire to put the patient at the center of its concerns. The members energy as wells as those of the sponsors or donors, has been fully dedicated for over 20 years (creation in 1999) to the development of innovative treatments and their access for patients in Switzerland. New therapies like immunotherapy have been supported by Fond’Action for years.

Contact:, Phone +41 21 311 75 75 or +41 79 277 21 70, Link to the website

United Kingdom

Neuroblastoma UK is a charity who’s sole purpose is the relief of children suffering from neuroblastoma, and to achieve this it raises funds for medical research into improving both diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Neuroblastoma UK is administered by a Board of Trustees made up of lay members who are parents or close relatives of children who have neuroblastoma, and senior medical staff who treat the disease.

Contact:, Phone 020 3096 7890, Link to the website


In her memory Niamh's Next Step (NNS.ORG.UK) are proud to have put together an amazing team of trustees and our aim is to continue raising awareness of Neuroblastoma and funds to help other families and children diagnosed with this vile cancer. Awareness, education, research and hopefully one day a cure in Niamh's memory.

Contact:, Phone 01933 223907, Link to the webiste


Solving Kids’ Cancer fights for a future where no child dies of the childhood cancer neuroblastoma or suffers due to its treatment. Mission : helping those affected by neuroblastoma, an often aggressive and deadly childhood cancer.

Contact:, Phone 0207 284 0800, Link to the website 


Associazione Italiana per la lotta al neuroblastoma was created in July 1993 at the Gaslini Institute at Genova by parents and oncologists of sick patients.

Their mission is to help to defeat neuroblastoma and pediatric solid tumors by funding innovative research projects (sucha as new therapies and personalized treatments).

Contact: Phone 010 6018938, Link to the website