• Annemieke Littooij (The Netherlands)


Vice Chair:

  • Irmina Sefic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 



Pierluigi Di Paolo (Italy), Anna Perrone (Italy), Claudio Granata (Italy), Bart de Keizer (The Netherlands), Juergen Schafer (Germany), Sebastian Gassenmaier (Germany), Kieran McHugh (UK), Erica Pace (UK), Cecile Cellier (France), Ricarda Kruechten (Germany), Friederike Koerber (Germany),Simon Wan (UK), Leigh McDonald (UK), Tom Watson (UK). Tejas Kapadia (UK), Alex Barnacle (UK), Anat Ilivitzki (Israel), Luis Riera (Spain).


  • to provide criteria for structured reporting of imaging of neuroblastoma and creation of case report forms, aiming to warrant a uniform, systematic approach in reporting of neuroblastoma among centres and thus to improve the quality of data available
  • to provide updated imaging guidelines especially focused on MRI for the study of primary tumour at diagnosis and for the evaluation of residual local disease after resection. The accurate evaluation of residual disease appears to be a critical issue especially with the forthcoming HR-NBL02 protocol, as randomization for a radiotherapy boost is provided in case of residual local disease
  • to establish an e-platform for sharing the imaging of controversial cases with surgeons, radiotherapists and nuclear medicine colleagues. The recent availability of the QUARTET platform appears to be an excellent opportunity to this aim: therefore, the Radiology SC asks access to this platform.