Thorsten Simon (Germany), Shifra Ash (Israel), Mark Gaze (UK), 

Giuseppe Barone (UK), Emma Pond (UK).


The SIOPEN CTC was established in June 2020, with the aim of facilitating the opening and running SIOPEN clinical trials.

The objectives of the CTC include:

  • To create and maintain a database of all SIOPEN clinical trials
  • To regularly review the progress of all SIOPEN clinical trials,  from concept through to data publication
  • To facilitate the timely opening of studies
  • To Facilitate the timely publication of data
  • To provide advice and support when there are obstacles to progress
  • To share progress about SIOPEN clinical trials
  • To develop SOPs for SIOPEN clinical trial conduct

If you have a new study concept or proposal, then please let us know details and we will be pleased to offer our support. Please complete this form.