• Beate Timmermann (Germany)

Vice chairs:

  • Anne Laprie (France)
  • Geert Janssens (The Netherlands)


Karin Dieckmann (Austria), Tom Boterberg (Belgium), Bela Malinova (Czech Republic), Line Claude (France), Sylvie Helfre (France), Anne Laprie (France), Rudolf Schwarz (Germany), Beate Timmermann (Germany), Katia Κατια Alexopoulou (Greece), Patricia Daly (Ireland), Naomi Lavan (Ireland), Barbara Diletto (Italy), Lorenza Gandola (Italy), Barbara Rombi (Italy), Petter Brandal (Norway), Henriette Magelssen (Norway), Joanna Bartoszewska (Poland), Krzysztof Małecki (Poland), Catia Pedro (Portugal), Lafférs (Slovakia), Erica Collado (Spain), Geert Janssens (The Netherlands), Mark Gaze (UK), Simona Gaito (UK), Pei Lim (UK), Henry Mandeville (UK), Daniel Saunders (UK), Ed Smith (UK),Karen Van Beek (Belgium),Yasmin Lassen (Denmark), Danny Jazmati (Germany).


Specific deliverable objective(s) for next 1 year:

  • SIOPEN HR NBL2 protocol should be amended for metastatic site RT
  • LINES: drafting manuscript on patients who received RT and the outcome of patients in group 8
  • Transferring the results and experiences of RTQA for neuroblastoma (Kelly et. al. 2022; Jazmati et al. 2022) into new protocols/projects or amendments of existing protocols


Objectives for next 5 years:

  • Strengthen the link to the other disciplines
  • Stimulate new projects on RT in neuroblastomas
  • Increase visibility and communication with patients